Katinka Bock

Born in 1976, German sculptor Katinka Bock lives shares her time betwenn Paris and Berlin.
In 2012, she wons both Fondation Ricard Award in France and et Dorothea von Stetten Award in Germany.
In 2019, she’s nominated for Marcel Duchamp Award.
Her work is presented in Paris by Jocelyn Wolff Gallery (Paris), in Berlin by Meyer Riegger (Berlin) and in Brussels by Greta Meert.

For her first sculpture-to-wear and first collaboration with MiniMasterpiece Gallery, Katinka Bock designed a necklace intitled “Kerasi” (cherry in greek). She combined cheery pits in bronze and long rods of sterling silver, as a way to associate organic and inorganic elements. “Kerasi” will be resting on one’s neck. The neck – as the hinge section between the head and the rest of the body-, is often at work in Bock’s sculptures and installations.  The neck is both fragile and rooted. The artist also regularly places cherry pits into her installations that she names Toxic – they remind us of both pleasure and poisoning – of the remedy and the venom at once.


Necklace, 2019
Bronze and Sterling silver
edition of 50
by MiniMasterpiece for Lafayette Anticipations