Agathe Saint Girons


Agathe Saint Girons

Oeil de Moscou

Pendant / Pendentif
Anodised titanium and sterling silver pearl chain / Titane anodisé et chaine boule argent 925
Different colours available, each bracelet is a unique piece.
Différentes coloris sont disponibles, chaque bracelet est unique.

Length  9,2 cm / Width 1 cm / Height 5,3 cm

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Agathe Saint Girons trained in metal and glass techniques with international jewellery designers and artists such as Ramon Puig Cuyas, Esther Brinkmann, Gilles Jonemann, Lino Tagliapietra…

In her beautiful workshop overlooking the Marne river, in the countryside near Paris, Agathe Saint Girons has been breathing a Provencal exuberance into her creations for over 25 years. Her one-of-a-kind contemporary jewellery are always spectacular. They arise from an on-going dialogue between concept and matter and are inspired by human relationships in all their aspects, intimate, family, friendly, social, civilized or conflicting.

A piece of jewelry that she has signed hardly looks like another, Agathe is not in “style” but in meaning and statement. But some of her jewels are families in particular, the rings « Revolution », infinite harmonies of rolling stones and the earrings « Gribouillis » which pair but are never identical.

Agathe Saint Girons exhibited at the “Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris” (Exhibition « MEDUSA »), as well as at the “Musée des Arts Décoratifs” in Paris at the exhibition « « Dans la ligne de Mire – Scènes du bijou contemporain en France». Her creations have been acquired by several public and private important collections.



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