Frank Stella

Born in America in 1936, Frank Stella’s earlier works were oriented towards geometric abstraction aimed at suppressing all traces of picturial goals, or any trace of the intervention of the painter’s hand, as well as any suggestion of sensibility bewteen the artist and his work. This body of work that was begun in 1958 corresponds to the best known period of the artist and is generally considered the primary influence for the increase in popularity of Minimal Art and even some principles of Pop Art. Less known, however, is his other picturial period that develops towards the middle of the 1970s : atypical and gigantic in size, this part of his work is qualified at times as being his «Baroque» period.

This golden ring was conceived by Frank Stella in 2010 at the request of collector and friend Diane Venet. It is the only piece of jewelry designed by the artist.

yellow gold
8.2 x 4.4 x 5 cm
Edition 2/10