Florentine et Alexandre Lamarche-Ovize (1978 et 1980) work together since 2006. 
They live and work in Bobigny, France.
Their work is a combinaison of drawings and ceramics which refer to the art history and the arts & crafts. Since the last 10 years, they have had several solo shows such as in Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland, 2020) Frac Normandie (Caen, France, 2020), drawinglab, (Paris, France 2019), Galerie Lefebvre & fils (Paris, Francce, 2019), galerie G-N Vallois, (Paris, France, 2017), Galerie Luis Adelantado (Valencia, Spain 2017), le Centre d’art du Parc Saint Léger (France, 2017), le grand café Saint Nazaire (France, 2017)…
They took part in several residency programs such as drawingcenter, New York (2016-2017), and José Noé Suro, Guadalajara, Mexico (2015).
Their work has joined numerous private and public collections (CNAP, Frac Pays de la loire, Cité de la céramique à Sèvres, Fond Départemental de la Seine Saint-Denis, Frac Midi-Pyrénées …).
For their first collaboration with MiniMasterpiece in 2022, Lamarche-Ovize designed the Orobas bracelet.

« This bangle is in the form of a sculpture based on a drawing of a quarter horse, a breed that excels at sprinting over short distances.
The bangle is reminiscent of prehistoric drawings adorning cave walls illuminated by flickering candlelight. The horse wraps around the wrist and its silvery and golden reflections bring to mind this ancient flame.
The horse has shared a close relationship with humans since the dawn of time. This bond is illustrated in the figure of Orobas, the demon-horse prince of the underworld able to take on human form at will. In its circular shape, the bangle recalls ancestral myths highlighting day and night and life and death as a continuous circle. »

Florentine Lamarche et Alexandre Ovize, April 2022

The Orobas bracelet comes in 2 versions : polished and brushed Sterling silver, and polished and brushed brass guilt 18k yellow gold.
Each version comes in an edition of 10 + 2 AP, and has the artist’s signature and number engraved onto the jewel.

in Sterling silver
and guilt brass
Edition of 10