Maurice Marty

Maurice Marty’s skills cover the gamut of interior, surface and object works: he is a sculptor, a designer, an architect, a painter and interior designer. His influences and ideas come from everywhere, but his style is fiercely modern and recognizable. Working with an equally vast range of materials, he has exhibited his pieces and sculptures in prestigious galleries widely, designed the interiors of Paris nightclubs, hotels and high-end fashion stores, and is an unparalleled craftsman.

In his practice of design, Marty often explores ideas of movement and game. For his wife’s birthday, Saori, he designed his first piece of jewellery, a bracelet that he named after her. Born out of his experience of designing larger objects, especially the series entitled « Mecakit » inspired by his childhood souvenirs and meccanos toys, Marty designed four bracelets and « Saori” is the first one.

Bracelet, 2019
Sterling silver
Edition of 8 e+ 4 AP
Édition Galerie MiniMasterpiece